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ESL001: Prepositions and Conjunctions

Look back at the nouns, verbs, and adjectives you wrote earlier. Connect a word or phrase using a preposition or a conjunction.


I go to the restaurant to eat quietly, driving carefully, then I will quickly write some ideas in the black book (my diary) where I have draw an amazing portrait of my older sister, and I’ll take a walk slowly among the most beautiful flowers of this early spring.


My dad always worked hard so we could afford the things we wanted.
I’d like a bike for commuting to work.
Neither the black dress northe gray one looks right on me.

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Every day I get up very early and have a quick breakfast, the days pass slowly in the winter here but at the end of the day it’s time to go home and rest

My tall husband woke up early today because he needs to take our dog out for a walk. They were accompanied by my aged mother who walks very slowly. I stayed home to exercise excessively, ate my breakfast quickly and studied quietly while the wind blows the silky curtain on to my face.

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Felix walked in hurriedly and picked up the file.
The man drives roughly and ends up at the mechanic.
They played joyfully while at school.
Jane jumped excitedly because she passed her exam.
The cat meowed angrily because it was hungry.

Me and my wife wake up early and have delicious breakfast together every morning. After having breakfast, we go for a walk with our lovely dog which name is Baklavita. She loves walking in the nature early morning.

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Location or direction: I am going to the library, across the street, on the table
Time: during the winter, before the wedding
Other relationships: They left the school without me, That computer is from school

Coordinating conjunctions:
You and I are classmates, You want beer or whisky, Mom is tired but can’t sleep, Dad was hungry, so he ate

Subordinating conjunctions:
They got married after he bought the car, I ate the noodles because they taste good, I won’t go unless you go with her, Although Mom was tired, she went to school.

Andrew and Carmina went to a restaurant yesterday. They ate quietly while reading their notes because they are both preparing for their exam. After a few minutes, they decided to go home since there are children that were so noisy.

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Her favorite color is pthalo blue because she likes the sky, although she likes space nebulae to. Additionally, the variety of shades in the cosmos, give her an idea about our universe

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Their bag is under the restroom bed. I didn’t knew it was full with dog cookies until James´s dog smelled the bag searching food.

Although I wake up early, I always arrive late for work.
The ball is under the table.

Today Facebook is down and so I am utilizing my time here learning English. This is much better than wasting time on facebook but it is a very sad matter that I can’t use Messenger also.
However, Today is a different day at all.

every month I read one book to developpe my language and I revise my lessons with the girls and boys in our school.

Our House is small but clean.
My Dog is cute and adorable.

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My beautiful mother and handsome father treats each other like a they’re spouses of each other and a loving friends.

My dad always worked hard so we could afford the things we wanted.
Every day I get up very early and have a quick breakfast,

WHEREAS Maryam wakes up immediately, her sister doesn’t BECAUSE she isn’t an active girl AND very lazy. Mary likes listening TO English songs like which are BY Adele FROM Britain OR Sia FROM USA. FURTHERMORE, she is hard working, she studies WITH her friends AT th cafe FROM 8:00 AM TO 1:30 PM that’s DUE TO her style in explanation which is clear .AS WELL AS THIS, she works DURING the afternoon UNTIL the sunset.

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Ahmad he is so tall for Sara but she is beautiful , they love eat banana Especially the yellow banana , they have a big car but the different color sara red car ahmed black car

Every day I wake up early and immediately I start to study English. After that I eat my breakfast and my work day start. In the end of the day I like to play with my daughter before bedtime.

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