ESL001: Reading More: Learning More Words

When you finish the webquest, answer the following questions and post your responses on the class discussion forum.
1. What did I learn about mobile apps?
2. How did my English improve by completing this webquest?
3. What new words did I learn (use context clues or a dictionary to find the meaning of new words)?

  1. A mobile application (mobile app) is a computer program or software application designed to run in a mobile device such as a phone/tablet or watch.
  2. After reading the content about the mobile app, I learned new vocabulary now I can relate the main technical words with other concepts.
  3. I learned mobile, mobile app, app Store, GPS, contact database, feeling, disappointed.
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I 've leared a lot from this course and i can say my english is going to be better after this course thank you so much

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Indeed I find this course interesting to improve my English and have the certificate too

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I was looking for something like this to improve my English. I found the program interesting and I learn a new word
Interjection= (noun). An abrupt remark, made specially as an aside or interruption.
Thank you :blush: