ESL001: Review Your Writing



i wake up early in the morning take exercise then i eat some fruits before leaving my house i refresh my task in my mind.


I wake up early in the morning, do jogging for an hour, have my breakfast, and go to work, in evening I got to play football along with my friends and then, have an wonderful dinner with my family, then I go to sleep.


I always wake up at 06:00 AM, I take shower and brush my teeth, I go the work by bus at 07:00 AM, when I arive to work I say Good morning to my colleagues, I work hardly in my little office, at 05:00 PM, I turn off my computer and go home, at evening I watch a good mouvie or Football match, after that I go to bed, Off it’s the end of my hard day.


Je me lève à 7 heures, je prends une douche et je mange mon petit-déjeuner. Je vais à l’école à 7h40 et je termine mes études à 16 heures. Quand je rentre à la maison, je mange quelque chose et je fais mes devoirs.


Every day i wake up at 06:30 and taking a shower then changing my clothies and immediatly going the the work, i like to eat my breakfast at home but i don’t have time so i eat my breakfast in the work everyday. I am working all day in the biggest dam in my country such as geologist in the tunnel under the dam for 12 hours, so i barely can see the sun for a few momente at the beginning of the day when i am going to work, when i back home at the end of the day i barely have time to get my dinner then go to sleep.


I wake up at seven o’clock, I wash my face and got dressed. Also I see briefly my email inbox and some fun video. In the evening, I go to the gym and take a shower after it.
Oops! If they are a football match I have to enter early in the evening.


I wake up early in the morning by the chirping sound of birds sunbathing in my window. After freshening up I go for morning walk. Then, I take breakfast and go to university. At university, I perform my duties efficiently. After getting back from university, I prepare snacks for myself, finish remaining chores. Ah! now my bed is waiting for me to sleep till the sun rises.


When I hear my alarm clock in the morning, I usually snooze it for another 10 minutes. It’s during those 10 minutes that I really wake up. For me, waking up is a whole process, it’s not only a moment!

After waking up, I dress up, wash my hands, and then I eat my cereals for breakfast. After doing that, I leave home and drive to work.

I work in a office, and most of the time I spend it at my desk, using a computer, doing technical and, fortunately, rather interesting work. Sometimes, I also attend meetings. Usually around noon, I have lunch with some colleagues, in the office canteen. We have lunch, drink some coffee together and then we return to work. At the end of the afternoon, I return home.

I have dinner at home. I watch some TV during dinner and sometimes also a bit after dinner. Then, I usually go to my computer, to do several things (like studying for this ESL001 Saylor course, for instance!)

Wow! Is it midnight already? Time to go to bed! Tomorrow is another day.


I usually wake up around 6 a.m. Then I get up at 6:30 a.m, brush my teeth, take a shower and get dressed. After that, I have breakfast and use my phone.

When I finish breakfast, frequently, I leave the house at 7 and walk to the bus stop which is three minutes from my home, finally, I catch the bus.

I sometimes work all day at the university, at 1 p.m I have lunch. After lunch, I go back to work. I finish work at 6 p.m. After work, I go to the gym, I like to exercise. After that, I go home.

In the evening, I like to relax by listening to some music or watching series on Netflix, I rarely go out during the week but on Saturdays, I often go to the movies with my girlfriend.

Wow!, It’s time to go to bed, before I take a shower and read a book. I go to bed around 11 p.m, one thing I never do is to drink coffee in the evening it stops me from sleeping.


I wake up early every morning. I get out of my bed after doing some stretching exercices.

I start by taking a shower to feel more energectic, then i feed my cat. My next direction is the kitchen to prepare my breakfast, i usually eat eggs with cheese and a fresh juice or some milk with cereals.

I walk slowly on the way my office. I’m leaving home early every morning to have more time for my “morning” walk. Then i start my day in a positive way with my colleagues so that we can reach our goals everyday and succeed while having a great time at work. Sometimes we go out after work to spend some good moments together.

After finishing the day at work, i come back home and i spend a good time with my family. We start by talking about how the day was, then we sit together to have dinner and watch something on TV. After that, everyone goes to sleep to take a rest and to be ready for the next day.

Everytime i’m in bed i’m saying to myself : Wow! Today was a great day, and tomorrow will be even better. This is how i end my day in a positive state of mind.


i wake up at 8am . i take shower, pray and have my breakfast. i leave to job at 10am. in the evening, i go to my aunty house. at 8pm i go to home. take shower , pray and sleep.


My daily activities vary, according to the days,
i am a student, so during the weak, i wake up early, i go to the university, i study all the day and i meet my freinds. Then i come back home, cook , eat and sleep. But on the weekends i hang out a little with my freinds and go to work. I work as a receptionnist in a hotel in order to pay my studies.


After i weak up i go to the toilet, and i eat my breakfast , and i go to the gym.
In the evening i go out with my friends.
Then i go to sleep


I wake up in the morning. I have my breakfast. I go to my school.


I usaully get up at 7 o’clock, i washed my hands and face, than i took my breakfast with pace of bread and coffe. at half past 7 i climed my car and go to work, so i had busy days as mecanical of engines, i began job at 8 o’clock i passed to hours in work shop then i took my wanderful thea with my collegues, so i finished at 16h00 , i returned home to prepar my backpag and go to the gym to excercise my body, after that i go to the cafe down town to have sit with friends enjoy enjoy. although i return house in order to sleep early and have energy for the up coming days until the weekend.


I wake up at 8:00 am, and get a shower and eat my breakfast.
When all is done, I go to work at 09:00 am. and I go back home at 6:00 pm.


i wake up in the morning at 9 and half o’clock the first thing i do is go to bathroom and the prepare my breakfast which is about cereal with mils banana an some groundnuts mixed together so taste good after that i go to work at 1 and half its start from 2 and finished at 10 o;clock i usually get back tired so i drink milk with banana and groundnuts to get power and then got to bed after i play a little bit in my phone


Ahhhh! I know my daily routine is different from other people. Anyway I still Wake all the night because I read some books and I usually sleep at 6 am until 1 pm after that I prepare my breakfast , surfing the net and hang out with my friends because I’m in vacation that’s why I wanna exploit my time


First thing i do in the morning, i jump out of bed when i open my eyes immediately.Then i drink two glasses of water.In the normal days, i work and learn quickly all day long at my small home.I rarely go out because i work and study from home, but at the end of the day i watch one or two comedy sketches, some YouTube videos, and listen to some chill music.At the end of the day. Wow! i feel amazing i finished everything for today, i hope tomorrow be good too.


Greetings to all who read my daily routine. Then: My name is Basim. I wake up at 6:00 AM. And I take shore at 6:15 . I take my break fast at 6:30. Immediately thereafter I wear my clothe ready to go to work.
In 7:00 I go to my work by car . It takest about 45 minutes to get to the workplace. I work as a teacher an English language at the secondary school.
After finishing my work at 1:00 afternoon I go home to eat lunch at 1:30 . In the evening surfinging the internet.
Thank you for your reading.