ESL001 Verb and adverb

Verbs show actions in the sentences.All sentenses are used verbs.Run,sing,sleep,go,join,create,speak,teach,fight and etc. are verbs.Verbs change for the time past,present,future.There are regular and irregular verbs.In the past form regular verbs accept -d,-id:talk-talked,join-joined,play-played,create-created.
Irregular verbs have their own forms in the past that must be memorized:go-went,sleep-slept,let-let,give-gave and etc.There are 16 time forms of verbs in english language,for example:present,past tense,future simple,present continious,past continous,future continious,present perfect,past perfect,future perfect and etc.
Adverbs describes verbs,actions:slowly,hardly,easily.

Drink slowly
Shower before work
Drive peacefully
Speak each minute
Work for money