ESL001 Verb and adverb

Verbs show actions in the sentences.All sentenses are used verbs.Run,sing,sleep,go,join,create,speak,teach,fight and etc. are verbs.Verbs change for the time past,present,future.There are regular and irregular verbs.In the past form regular verbs accept -d,-id:talk-talked,join-joined,play-played,create-created.
Irregular verbs have their own forms in the past that must be memorized:go-went,sleep-slept,let-let,give-gave and etc.There are 16 time forms of verbs in english language,for example:present,past tense,future simple,present continious,past continous,future continious,present perfect,past perfect,future perfect and etc.
Adverbs describes verbs,actions:slowly,hardly,easily.

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Drink slowly
Shower before work
Drive peacefully
Speak each minute
Work for money


Went to school
Train in club
Sleep early
Work in firms
Eat fruit


Talk (loudly)
Ate (slowly)
Sang (happily)
Dance (joyfully)
Walked (quickly)


sing slowly
swim like a champion in the pool every evening
eat healthy food every day
go jogging to stay in shape
he rarely miss the practice

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eat - eat quickly
wallk - walk slowly
sleep - sleep soundly
type - type carefully
cook - cook deliciously

Drive-carefully, Drink-slowly, Love-hart, Live-happy. Move-quickly.

stop playing
wash your hands
clean the kitchen

Walk fast
Listen carefully
Speak loudly
Read clearly
Sleep nicely

Run fast
Eat less
Drink more
Happily married
Work sincerely

staying lonely
eating hearty
singing highly
breathing slowly
runnig fastly