ESL002: Desert Island Survival

You have been instructed to leave your country immediately and move to a deserted island, where you will live for a year. On the island, there are only coconut trees, monkeys, and fish in the surrounding water. You are allowed to bring FIVE objects to the island that can fit in one large bag. What will you bring and why?


Here are the five objects I would bring :-):

  1. picture of my daughter: so I won’t miss her that much
  2. Quran: so I won’t lose my faith
  3. machete: to cut down trees for shelter
  4. long net: to make a hammock and for fishing
  5. fire starter: for cooking and warmth
  1. Cloths
  2. Lighter
  3. Flashlight
  4. Knife
  5. Rope
  1. Couran: to read it and don’t lose my path and to memorize them.
  2. cloths: they’re necessity
  3. machete: to cut down trees for shelter
  4. long net : for fishing
    5.bowl for cooking



Fresh water to drink
Match to make fire
Some lose cloths

  1. The holy Quran to keep me calm and optimistic about my experience in that remoted island.
  2. A tent where i can sleep at night , and hide from rain .
  3. Papers and pen to avoid bordem and the abstinence of socialisation.
  4. A knife to protect my teritory and it will be aswell a tool that ll help getting food.
  5. A torche to enlight my way in the darkness .
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1.a cooking pot
2.a knife
5.Lights for the fire

  1. Quran, because i won’t lose my faith
  2. rain coat, to make a tent
  3. cutlery, for eating and cooking
  4. clothes, to cover the body
  5. flashlight, to help the light

1- A knife : for cooking and hunting monkeys
2- A hummer : to use for the coconut
3- A trawl : for the fish
4- book to read
5- clothes

I will bring:

  • knife: because I need it to defender myself
  • clothes: protect me against cold
  • shoes : so that my feet can stay, without any injuring.
  • much soap : for the food in the island
  • fish net: to put fish out of water in purpose of eating it.

To live on a desert island I will bring following items

  1. Knife for chopping coconut to get coconut water and copra
  2. Lighter for making a fire to cook and to warm
  3. Tent for living
  4. Fishing rod for catching fish
  5. Rope for climbing on coconut tree


Light for fire

Knife : to protect my self and to cut fish that I have hunted.
hook : to hunt fish from the sea.
spear : also to protect my self from monkeys and to can have some coconuts from their trees.
a box of matches : to make fire for meals or other things.
plastic reservoir : to collect some water.

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Quran to make my faith stronger
Cloths to feel warme in cold day
Knife cuz i need it
Book to spend time learnin
Tente where i can dleep

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The five objects which I will bring it:
1- Books, because I will have a lot of free time.
2- Cloths. To keep myself safely.
3- food. The food is an important to keep my life.
4- Telescope. This is an amazing chance to observe nature.
5- hook : to hunt fish from the sea

First of all , i would definitely bring with me a lots of books ,because when i get bored i prefer to read my books ,second i’m going to bring knives so i can cut the fruits on the trees ,thirdly i would bring with me o’clock so i can manage my time during living there, fourthly i’ll get photos of my family , and lastly i’ll fetch my diary so i can remember every single moment i’ll spend there .

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  1. Fishing rod
  2. Lighters
  3. Tent
  4. Clothes
  5. Knife
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