ESL002: Desert Island Survival

if i am allowed to bring just five things, the first would be the holly Quran so i can read whenver i need to, a tent here i can sleep at night, clothes to cover my body and to protect in cold dyas, a notebok to memorise my adventure, and the last thing is my mom’s photo, in order to feel that I’m not alone.

Sorry I didn’t catch this question, I understood whole article but I didn’t get the main point of question. I have seeing here same classmate they are posting what my self not expected like religions and sisters, but I am still thinking what the prefect answer i can give thins question. if any one understood the main point of article please help me and give me explained instruction.

A knife
Fishing equipment(hooks and Lines)
A fire spark

I’m going to bring with me those five things:
Tent to cover myself
Hook for fishing I love fish
Knife to cut fish and coconuts
Lighter for turn on fire to make fish barbecue
My phone to complete learning English at Saylor academy .

5 things:
1. fishing net

  1. Cloths: it’s important for my body and my health
  2. Lighter: Cooking and lighting and to keep animals away
  3. tent: i use it for sleep
  4. Knife: i use it for many purposes
  5. water : it’s the most important because without water we will die

I will bring five object which are:
The Holy quran.
A cover.
A watch.
A torche.

Here are the five things that I will bring with me to the island:
The Holy quran because it’s the best book to me for reading.
A torche, perhaps I need light in later time.
A cover because it will be cold in the night.
A water to drink.
A watch with GPS.

1:A knife
Abig old knife is the first on our list of essentials to bring to the adesert island because we want to prodtect ourself
2:fishing net
Fish are a very healthy protein choice and having a net will be sure to make catching them easier
3:Box of matches
In order to make afire to cooking and warming
4:Asatellite phone
Satellitephone is a cellphone that can be used anywhere in the world as long as there is a clear line from the antenna to the sky so i can find my mom and dad and my sisters and brothers and my baby throught calling als i get flashlight from my phone
5: boat and rows:
So you can row row row your boat merrily to freedom

I will bring those things:
Lighter for turn on fire
Hooks for fishing
Tenet to cover my self
Knife for cut fish
My phone for learning english

The 5 things I’ll get with me are:
1- Pen.
2- A knife
3- Lighter for the fire
4- Fishing can
5- Diary

1- Quran to keep my faith high
2- Clothes to wear, especialy when it’s raining
3- A lot of books to read
4- A knife to defend myself and cooking
5-A strong tente where i can sleep

1Sharp knife for cutting.
2 Pot.
3 Fishing rod.
4 Fire source.
5 Manual distillation device

Fishing rod.

If we receive an order to go living alone in a remote island, we would bring with us five interesting things:
1- A solid tents with all equipments that can be used
2- A set of hooks and their accessories
3- Some weapons in order to secure our lives
4- A dozens of garment and motels
5- Kit kitchen

-QURAN to read
-LIGHTER to see in dark
-KNIFE to cut
-CLOTHS it is nesssary
-COOKING POT for cooking

  1. Bible
  2. Clothes
  3. Knife
  4. Flashlight
  5. Food

May be, i’ll need:
1- Tent or a sleeping bag,
2- Fishing rod,
3- Necessary kitchen ware;
4- Blinder to make juce,

  1. Knife
  2. Fishing line
  3. Matches
  4. Torch
  5. Sleeping bag

I think that the five objects that I will need the most are :
1- The Quran : to reminds me of Allah’s words and to guide me
2- Tent : to be my shelter
3- Trawl : for fishing
4- Knife : to cut things and for protection
5- Zamzam water : to purify the water from the island which will provides me with more clean drinking water.