ESL002: Desert Island Survival

A knife
A torche

Holy bible
Cooking gas
A torche
Mobile device
My husband.

1: Quran: To not losing hope
2:Machete: to cut trees
3:Lighter: to get fire easly
4: Flashlight: to get the light in the dark night
5: a book to kill boordom

flash light

i Will bring with me:
/a knife
/a quran
/a camera
/a fire starter
/and a blanket for winter

for me i think the five objects that can help me stay alive are
lighter to start fire for cooking
an axe to cut the cocunut fruit
a net for fishing
radio to keep in touch with what is hapeninig
a small tent as a shelter

I will take
KNIFE:to help me cutting
LIGHTER: for fire
CORAN:to keep me all the time religious
CLOTHES : to keep me clean
WATCH:TO KEEP up with to time

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That would be very interesting, well in my bag I would bring:
A map
A bottle of water, you know over there it wont be any kind of equipment.
A knife.
A large cord.
And some books.

That is very clever

1 Machete
2 Water filter
3 Fishing net
4 Fire starter.
5Few seed to plant and so eat more than fish and coconut

I bring a sewing needle in case I need to sew something, like a sail boat.
A lighter, to light a fire.
The Quran, companion in my Solitude
Knife, Several uses.
A small ax to cut the wood

I will bring the following ,

  • a lighter for making fire.
  • a fishing rod .
  • a rope to climb trees.
    -a saucepan.
  • few books.

-a tent

  • a knife
    -a flashlight
  • and a landing net

Fishing net,Ladder,Cooking pan,Lighter and boat

lighter : to light the fire for cooking
sword : to cut things easily
flashlight : to light the dark places or at night
clothes : for the cold weather
papers and pens : to write down what happens with me every day

  • quran

I will bring :
The Qur’an: for reading and worship ALLAH.
Knife : I use it for cut coconut and meat.
Fire ressource: fore coocking and warming.
Hook: for fishing.
Clouthes: for warming in winter and protect my body from the sun.

The five object are
weapon for protecting my self from monkeys and athers
Tent for sleeping
Medication for the first help
Cloths keep my body for Cold
Lighter to ignite the fire

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I will bring:

  • The Qur’an: for reading and worship ALLAH.
  • Knife: I use it for cut coconut and meat.
  • Lighter: for starting a fire .
  • Hook: for fishing.
  • Clothes: for warming when the wheather become cold, and also for protect my body from the sun.

The five things I will bring with me in such a situation are:
1- Some matchs or lighers to make fire.
2- A kinfe to open coconuts and for other uses.
3- A fishing rod for fishs.
4- A tent or a sleeping bag.