ESL002: Let's Go on a WebQuest!

  1. I learned that a strong business plan will help attract strong talent. Whenever I need to deal with professionals, such as a consultant or an accountant.
  2. in order to describe a business i can describe the ownership and legal establishment of the business, identify the type of business, write a problem statement, and describe the business operations
  3. learning new descriptive words improve my english by gaining more vocabularies and adding more meaning to my writings .
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  1. I learned how relevant it is to create an effective business plan before running a successful business.
  2. Running a business is very critical, systematic and innovative.
  3. Learning new descriptive words really helped in beautifying and modifying my composition.
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  1. What did I learn about mobile apps?

With regard to school apps for children, there is a need to introduce new standards and assessment tools for the evaluation of the educational value of apps.

  1. How did my English improve by completing this WebQuest?

I have learned new vocabulary and ideas by reading research articles on the topic.

  1. What new words did I learn (use context clues or a dictionary to find the meaning of new words)?
  • Looking at the surrounding phases in the paragraph – context clues:

Apex - At the apex of the boom of smart mobile devices is…
Mobile UIs - Mobile user interface
Drill-and-practice - Instructive apps have elements of ‘drill-and-practice’ design whereby the app delivers a predetermined ‘task’ that elicits a homogenous response from the user.

  • Dictionary

Middleware - is software that provides common services and capabilities to applications outside of what’s offered by the operating system. Data management, application services, messaging, authentication, and API…

1-writing a business plan needs a good experience.

2-i can use many words to describe a business plan such as : economic , feasibility study , benefits, costs, fund ,etc.

3-learning new descriptive word is a good means to improve my language.