ESL002, Unit 4: Review your writing

Share your sentences and see what daily activities your classmates complete.

last week i went to the campus to study. i woke up at 5 am. i took my breakfast in my room. i left at 7 am by foot. there, i learned statistica in my class.

Last week I went to the mountain. Arrived on the spot I took the path to go to the top. The song of the birds and the smell of the flowers made me happy. The sun was shining and the air was pure. Arrived to the top, I took the pleasure of contomper the landscapes surroundings.

last week i went to cousin’s wedding.i took a shower and wearied a beautiful blue suit.i bought a big gift for him.i met my happily cousin and family with smile and hugs. i took a nice dinner and danced with friends all night

Last week i went to my grandma’s place. she fed me fresh milk. And gave me pocket money of 100 dollars. i was with her for about 2 hours. while leaving she bid me goodbye.

Last week, I travelled to the international airport Houari Boumedien in order to take my brother’s family because they had a flight to Germany at 2:30 AM and the airport is very far to our city (450 KM). We departed early and drove for a long hours and when we approached to the airport, we stopped to take the dinner and rested a little in an amazing restaurant, we prayed and continued our way; when we arrived to the airport we drooped the heavy baggage and passed the police checkpoint. Finally and after we farewelled each other, we left my brother’s family waiting in a long line to check-in their luggage and get their boarding pass, and we returned to our beautiful home.

Last week, I was at a friend’s wedding party. It was in a beautiful party room near my home.
I was there at nine to help my friends. We cleaned the tables quickly and put many drinks, helped the chef preparing delicious meals.
Then, we decorated carefully all the vehicles with colorful flowers. At noon, we served food to our guests, and we danced for several hours at the party.
It was a wonderful wedding and all the friends and guests enjoyed being there.

Last week I went to my Grandmother’s house
On the way I bought her some fruits that she loves
When I entered, I found the whole family
They were very happy and joyful
I sat down with them for a bit then i went home