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ESL003- Putting ideas together

What three important things does the reading say about computers? Write them down

  1. Computers are invented primarily for calculating purposes but now we are using it for a wide range of purposes. Computers are used to do tedious tasks for which it is difficult for humans to do that kind of tasks easily.
  2. The development of Computers can be seen in four stages.
    -Primarily, computers were used for calculating purposes.
  • In early Industrial revolution era, with the help of some mechanical instruments, computers are used to do tedious tasks.
  • Monolithic Integrated Circuit Chip technologies were later used and it leads to the invention of Microcomputers.
  • MOS transistors were used in the later period which increased the speed and accuracy.
  1. Digital revolution is started because of the increase in the speed, power and versatility of the computers with the usage of MOS transistors.

What three things did you already know about computers? Was anything you already knew mentioned in this reading? Write that down.

  1. Computers are used for difficult tasks to help human beings in their day to day life.
  2. First-generation computers were very huge and it was very difficult to use those computers. With the advancement of technology, computes became very compatible and fit-to-use for everyone.
  3. With the help of computers technology developed. Previously, we were only able to calculate with the help of computers but now we are reaching outer space with the help of the same computers.

Put your ideas together. If you combine what the author said in this reading with what you already know, what can you now say about computers? Write that down.

  1. Computers are primarily invented for calculating purpose which is difficult for human beings to do very well. Now, computers are used to do much more difficult tasks which are impossible for us to do without the help of computers.

  2. The technology of computers progressed with the advancement of time. With seeing the stages of development of computer technology, computers have become much more user friendly to us.

  3. The new age of technological development happened in this Digital Revolution era. It happened because of the increase in speed, power and versatility of computers.

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Analog calculations were the first sophisticated electrical machines, they were followed by digital machines during world war 2 ,they were followed by the silicon based transistor and ic technologies.
-I knew about silicon based MOSFET and the microprocessor and the microcomputer revolution in the 1970s.
-I think it was very important to know how computers had been developed during the 20 century so microprocessors are the reason that computers now are fast and powerful.