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Ethics BUS-206 6.2.1

Many people think that the ethical issues raised by new technologies are just the same issues in a new form. Do you agree or disagree? Has technology created a new class of ethical issues? I disagree. I do think technology has created a new class of ethical issues, especially with the use of social media. Using information technology, your information can appear to others in a way that may positively or negatively impact you. Information Technology gave rise to new ways to display and use information, which creates new and different ethical issues.

What are the difficulties raised by creating new laws and regulations to solve these issues? The difficulties I see from attempting to create new laws and regulations surrounds the individual to which the laws and regulations apply. How one identifies themselves, religious beliefs, political outlook, age, disabilities, could be impactful implementing new laws and regulations, just to name a few. In other words, creating an ethical policy should be structured in a way that does not offend the audience it is intended for, or go against their morals. However, the laws in the United States supersede many things, so this is something to consider.