Exam scheduling using in person proctor

Has anyone scheduled an exam for an in person proctor? Can you explain the process to me like I’m a 4 year old because I’d like to have better results.

  1. Find a proctor. Maybe your library or university has proctoring services available.
  2. Ask them if they have proctored Saylor exams before. If not, direct them to this page: https://www.saylor.org/credit/in-person-proctoring/ and ask them to fill out the application form.
  3. Once your proctor has been approved, visit this page and fill out the Exam Scheduling Form. Pick a date upon which you and your proctor have agreed beforehand. Keep in mind that it can take about a week to process the request when picking a date.
  4. Have your proctor let you know when they receive the exam info from saylor, since I have had the issue that my request simply didn’t get processed and I had to reschedule my exam. Contact saylor support if you have issues.
  5. Show up at the proctoring location with a laptop and any allowed materials.
  6. Your proctor will enter the code to unlock the Direct Credit Exam.
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The reason that I wanted to use an in person proctor was because I didn’t have a working computer and webcam or $25 that wasn’t already spent. I asked Saylor support for assistance in scheduling an exam but never had a response. The reason that I wanted a detailed procedure is because I feel that it is broken and needs rethinking.

Thank you David
How many exams have you taken and have used an in person proctor for?