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Exams and Certificates


How can i Attend Exam and will company provide certificate after course completion?


For virtually all courses the last unit is a 50 question multiple choice examination.

If you achieve the pass mark of 70% then a certificate is issued in electronic format (pdf file) which you may, of course, print.

Should you fail the exam you may try again after 2 weeks.


can we enter an university exam from this certificate?


We know that some students have used certificates to help meet entry requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs – this is still an informal use of our courses; the students are not necessarily earning any college credit.

Some of our courses do connect to college credit, however, typically at U.S.-based universities (many with online programs an international admissions). Complete details are here:


is this certificate recognitable?


We’re a relatively small organization still but the certificate is a good addition to a resume or c.v.

Our certificates are issued through our partner Accredible – they are quite flexible and convenient as a way to dislay what you’ve learned and know how to do. A list of features and a live example certificate are here: