Expired direct credits

I noticed that some of the direct credit courses expired in November. Is Saylor getting these renewed?

Good question especially when waiting to have the final test scheduled.

Really? What courses are those? Afkaprosy?

CS402 and Bus 206 the 2 courses that I spent the most time on and practically begged to have my exam scheduled before the course expired.
CS102 expired

Hi @afkaprosy,

( Usual Disclaimer: I do NOT work at/for Saylor. I’m just another student here ).

Regarding your question, I’ve noticed that the “Saylor Direct College Credit” web page - https://www.saylor.org/credit/ - mentions the following at some point (the bold emphasis below is mine):


" Saylor Direct Credit Courses

Please note: several courses (as indicated in the table below) were recommended for credit through November 30, 2019, and their credit exams are currently unavailable. We are working to renew the recommendations for these courses and apologize for any inconvenience."

So, @afkaprosy, I think that the answer to your question (“some of the direct credit courses expired in November. Is Saylor getting these renewed?”) is “YES”.

Maybe @Jeff_Davidson (Execute Director for Saylor Academy), @sean (Director of Student Affairs at Saylor Academy) and/or other Saylor representative(s) can reply here with some additional details?

Hello! We are working on getting renewed but it may take several weeks to get that process completed. Stay tuned to our blog and the saylor.org/credit page for updates, as well of course, as the official ACE “National Guide” entries:

But, yes, we have invested in engaging professors to update the courses and are seeking review from ACE. Final timing is going to be hard to pin down given the holidays.

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ACE page down till 2 Jan 20

I have just finished CS102 and was finally ready to take the final exam, until I found out that it had expired. Is there a timeframe or an update of when (or if) the direct credit courses will get renewed?

We are hoping by end of March. Of course, we can not guarantee that ACE will continue to recommend it for credit but we believe we are improving the course and will make a strong case to get it renewed.

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