Explain how online teaching somehow helps you improve your life

I’m just a newbie here. So I’m trying to finish the online teaching course that was provided for free. And I feel so lucky because I have discover this website which I can feel that will help me refresh my knowledge when it comes to english english language and to enhance my skills. It is my first time here and my first time to decided to finally try teaching online since I have desktop and wifi at home, I want to find a job where I can work at the comfort of my home, because it is no longer safe to go outside nowadays cause of the covid19 pandemic. The reason why I created this topic is that I want to know - I want to have an idea and I want to learn from you guys what really an online teaching is.

Online learning is essential.It helps me get updated in my career. I always learn new things or learn what i know to improve my knowledge.

Online learning helps us improve our professional development and adds another chance to show our ability of performing tasks.

online courses are very interesting especially at this time of covid, and getting a badge helps us improve our skills