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What does it take to succeed in an internet-based college?

I believe it is very important to use what I have come to call the 4 D’s. I use this method whenever I am trying to decide if I would be successful at various things that I thought I may like that try my hand at. Online College being at the very top of my list.

The 4D’s I use when I’m trying to make an idea into a reality are as follows.

  1. Desire

  2. Dedication

  3. Determination

  4. Discipline

I sat down and and asked myself,

Do I truly desire to start college at my age and is online the best fit for my lifestyle?

Do I have the dedication it takes to take my classes serious and study and get good grades so that I can achieve my lifelong goal of being a college graduate?

Do I have the determination to see this through until the very end, ultimately graduation?

Am I disciplined enough to maintain my work life and school life without giving up?

You might say there is more to decision making than just these four things however think about it and you will see that these four things can be applied to every aspect of this.

I believe that online is definitely the best choice for myself but it may not be for everyone. It is different than physically being in a classroom with others peers, you have to manage your time in order to get your class work done you don’t have a set class time it is up to you to make sure you get homework assignments posted and get your tests done etc. In all of these aspects you need to have the desire to do it, the dedication to continue it, the determination to be good at it and the discipline to succeed.

I believe that my future is looking brighter because of the kind of opportunity that being able to go to in-line college has given me. As a single woman that works full time it was not an option for me to go back to school on campus where I have to attend class physically.

I know that this opportunity will better my future and make it so that I can be proud of my accomplishment, and in every step of this journey I will always remember to use the 4 D’s to reassure myself when needed that I can do this and I will succeed.


That is exactly right, keep up the time commitment, the discipline, the motivation to do it. Thanks, Kevin