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Final exams and answer keys posted for legacy courses

We have now posted final exams and answer keys for legacy courses; they are linked from the landing page for each course, but here are the details:

Here is a spoiler question:


Thanks in advance! I guess that we have to make a github account to make them visible. Am I right?

No github account needed, except to log issues or make suggested changes – the basic repository is here and can be browsed in its raw state, though:


You can also find all of the exams in a human-readable state here:


Thanks a lot Sean and Tanner . I see that every exam includes all the questions of each course, approximately a hundred of questions and maybe more than a handful.

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I agree I have been keeping up with sean for a long time. thank god for this school


Wow I was waiting for this and finally has arrived. Thank you Sean. This means alot. I hope you guys bring back all the courses.

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anyone have the access to answer keys for these courses:
PRDV002 Professional Writing
PRDV005 Time and Stress Management
CUST104 Business Communications

These courses don’t have public answer keys because they are active (i.e. not “legacy”) courses. But you can [re]attempt the final exams as often as once every 7 days

Does anyone have answer key to Bus403 ??

We don’t have answer keys for final exams, for a few reasons, but there are tips here for how to more easily track down correct answers and get ready for your next attempt:

Can i get the Answer keys of final exams of ESL001 and ESL002 course please

Hi @abdur.captan99 :slight_smile:

( Usual Disclaimer: I do NOT work at/for Saylor Academy. I’m just another student here ).

The “ESL001: Beginning Lower-Intermediate English as a Second Language” and “ESL002: Intermediate English as a Second Language” courses are two courses that belong to a category that Saylor calls “Supported Courses”. “Supported Courses” are courses that are in the “Course Catalog” web page available at Those courses provide a free certificate of completion for the students that complete them. You have more information about this, for instance, in the following web page:

Saylor has provided answer keys ONLY for the final exams of the so-called “Legacy Courses” (and NOT for “Supported Courses”). The “Legacy Courseware” (static) web site - - is the place where Saylor keeps courses that “are inactive but available as a resource for self-directed learning”.

You may find the following Official FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web page about the “Legacy Courseware” to be very informative:

As you may see in that FAQ, “Legacy Courses” are “courses that are open for learning but that are not actively maintained ▸▸▸ LEGACY COURSES NO LONGER ISSUE CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION.”.
For “Supported Courses” - which, as I explained, are courses that live at and that have “Final Exams” and “Certificates of Completion” (such as is the case of the “ESL001” and “ESL002” courses) - you should probably know that you can retake them, if you fail the corresponding “Final Exam” in the first attempt (and that Saylor will only consider the highest grade if you attempt the “Final Exam” several times). You have more information about this in the following article “About final exams”, also authored by @sean (Sean Connor - Director of Student Affairs at “Saylor Academy”):

I hope this helps to clear things up :slight_smile:

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ok good share my friend

thanks for letting us know.