Final exams and answer keys posted for legacy courses


We have now posted final exams and answer keys for legacy courses; they are linked from the landing page for each course, but here are the details:

Here is a spoiler question:

Legacy courses: certificates closing down on 26 August

Thanks in advance! I guess that we have to make a github account to make them visible. Am I right?


No github account needed, except to log issues or make suggested changes – the basic repository is here and can be browsed in its raw state, though:


You can also find all of the exams in a human-readable state here:


Thanks a lot Sean and Tanner . I see that every exam includes all the questions of each course, approximately a hundred of questions and maybe more than a handful.


I agree I have been keeping up with sean for a long time. thank god for this school


Wow I was waiting for this and finally has arrived. Thank you Sean. This means alot. I hope you guys bring back all the courses.


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anyone have the access to answer keys for these courses:
PRDV002 Professional Writing
PRDV005 Time and Stress Management
CUST104 Business Communications


These courses don’t have public answer keys because they are active (i.e. not “legacy”) courses. But you can [re]attempt the final exams as often as once every 7 days


Does anyone have answer key to Bus403 ??


We don’t have answer keys for final exams, for a few reasons, but there are tips here for how to more easily track down correct answers and get ready for your next attempt: