Find new words

1_Mobile apps are important in our life, specifically learning apps
There is a lot of varity of apps that takes differents categories,
And there’s three deferent type of apps, Native_app; Hybrid app;
Web-based app
2_i feel that my English improve by reading several times and finding new words and try to understand there meanings upon the context
3_Words that i get to understand:
*​Hybrid :that is the product of mixing two or more different things
*​Expansion :an act of increasing or making something increase in size, amount or importance
*Contrast: comparing two or more things in order to show the differences between them

  1. I learnt Mobile app can be used to enhance educational system and help kids to develop interpersonal skills.
  2. My English get better my going through the article on mobile app several times and finding new words.
  3. Contrast:a difference between two objects, people or concepts.