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I used Instant Cert (IC) online flash cards to pass many DSST and CELP exams. I used the Macro and Micro economics flash cards for CLEP to help supplement my Saylor classes in those subjects. IC costs $20 a month. Not sure why my brain learns so well with flash cards. There is a free company called Brainscape online flash cards where students share their cards. I am currently studying for a professional certification and found three decks i
Of flash cards. I think Saylor students could create a share Brainscape flash cards for mutual benefit.


Hi @bernieyeater :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about “Brainscape” - https://www.brainscape.com/ - for Flashcards, until you mentioned it in this post of yours. Thanks for the tip!

Having said that, I tend to use “Quizlet” - https://quizlet.com/ - to create (online) flash cards. Quizlet has a free option (and it also has an alternative paid option, although I’ve never used that one) for creating flashcards. Quizlet also allows to share your flash cards with other people - https://quizlet.com/help/2444089/sharing-sets-with-others - although I’ve never tried to share my sets with a specific set of people, as I usually keep my flash cards either entirely private OR entirely public.

Like yourself, I use flashcards to study for Professional Certifications :slight_smile: Here’s the flash card deck (or “study set” as Quizlet calls it) that I created, while studying for the “SCE (SUSE Certified Engineer) in Enterprise Linux 12” Certification Exam that I successfully took a year ago (in December 2017):

SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE) in Enterprise Linux Flashcards | Quizlet

On a somewhat related note: although the SCE Exam is an entirely practical (“hands-on” / “practicum”) exam - https://training.suse.com/certification/sce-linux/exam-objectives-suse-certified-engineer-in-enterprise-linux-12-2018-update/ - I found that creating flashcards was very useful to study for it, alongside practicing doing hands-on tasks / exercises.