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From Social paradigms, Social imagination and ethics

In looking at the issue of inequality it starts at the micro level in which one person says something about or to another person. This leads to one believing the other has or is getting more than the other. This leads to an unbalance of the function in the structure.

Seeing a person with a eating disorder all you see is the results of inner conflict. The starving, purging, throwing up is just the manifestation of hurt. The fact that they have no control in their life they use an eating disorder as control.

If you take the small interactions of people and study them you will see the inner conflicts that could be brewing and try to stop it or least keep it at bay so the function of the whole society is not in jeopardy.

Ethical standards should be maintain at all times to protect those who are involved because if things started going awry then no one would want to partake in anything which would be a disservice for all of us.

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