Getting Oriented in Discourse (Saylor Academy forums, open beta period)


These forums begin with a mostly-blank slate in terms of both content and structure – that is intentional, if not especially kind to the first members, we realize. At present, there are only two categories: Meta and Uncategorized [sic]; more will come when we all better understand the shape this community will take.

Here is how you can begin:

  • Look around, click on things, “kick the tires”, as they say. You are a pioneer in a strange territory – explore!
  • Say hello in the Introductions topic.
  • Share early feedback in the What do think about Discourse? topic.
  • Create a new topic. You might, for example, ask a question; muse about online community or online learning; share a tip for using Discourse.
  • Reply to this topic with comments or questions about getting oriented in Discourse.

Here is something good to know: Discourse uses something called trust levels. Every new user starts out at Trust Level 0. As you build trust, the things you can do in Discourse increase, too – for instance, at TL-1 you can send private messages to any other user. Normally, new users would have to create 10 topics, read 30 total posts, and spend 10 full minutes reading posts before getting to TL-1. Temporarily, we are changing that to 2, 10, and 5, respectively.

Remember, you can learn more about the philosophy behind Discourse right here:

You can also see and explore a fully-fledged Discourse-based community at How-To Geek: