Government and Adult Citizens who Choose to Harm Themselves


Normally it is the duty of government to deny such decisions because nobody has the right to kill himself.Euthanasia ought not to be allowed. Those who participate to such behavior will give account to the creator of human beings.


I’m not currently taking this course, but it is a topic I follow and the issue of euthanasia…the right to die with dignity, is an issue I deeply care about, so I feel I must comment on your post.

Please understand that I respect your right to hold any opinions you have. That said, I hope my thoughts will encourage you to look deeper at this issue and to try understanding it from other points of view.

From my point of view, your stance on this issue implies a lot of hidden assumptions and personal naivety. It seems purely faith based, not people or real word based. Have you ever watched a loved one die a really slow, agonizing death over weeks, months or years? I have.

Or ever experienced years of severe, chronic pain that never, ever goes away and literally nothing helps to any appreciable degree, allowing you sleep only when pure physical exhaustion finally overpowers the pain once or twice a week? I have and still do…often enough that I sometimes doubt my own sanity. It’s a tortured sleep full of nightmares as one’s unconcious mind tries to make sense of the unrelenting pain. You wake-up feeling as though you’ve had no sleep at all. It’s the exact opposite of a restful, restorative sleep.

(To anyone reading this, please don’t worry, I have no plans to do myself in. I am, to a certain extent, exaggerating my experience to make a point. Though there are periods of time when it’s more true than not. But I still have hope and my health issues are not terminal…despite whatever my wishes at my lowest points might be. :slight_smile:)

And then there’s the issue of a creator god. Many people, myself included, don’t believe there is any such thing as souls, gods or afterlives. We believe this life is the only one we get, and as such, consider it our moral duty to relieve treatable/curable suffering wherever possible. For others and for ourselves.

When no viable options of any kind remain and someone’s life is reduced to a neverending circle of physical and/or emotional agony, why would you advocate forcing them to stay alive when the only viable, available relief is euthanasia? We do it for our sick, medically untreatable animal companions, so why should we not show the same compassion for our fellow human beings?

I’ll close by suggesting one last question for the OP’s consideration… Who are you, @Noubis, to decide that you have the right to sentence someone else to continue a life of utter misery with no relief or end in sight? With no relief or end other than death, even possible?

Shouldn’t the quality of life possible for the people in question, be the primary motivating factor when governments, doctors and societies, are deciding on this fundamental human rights issue? Ask yourself how you would feel if it were you or someone you dearly love, in such a situation, too sick and weak to take matters into your/their hands.



If you believe that there is no God or after life, then create another human being like yourself without using natural elements you find around you.And if you believe there is nothing like karma then behave irrespectivelly towards natural laws. A correct philosopher cannot deny God’s existence since phlosophy is the love of wisdom and God is both love and wisdom.


No, I’m not respond to your argument. It has typical creationist theory written all over it.

  • There is no “right” way to be a philosopher and there are no requirements for any to believe in god(s), souls or the afterlives of any kind.

  • I’m not taking this course but this thread’s topic and your post, are discussing a topic very near to my heart, hence the emotional reply. I wanted you, as a philosophy student who might someday be in a position where you and work have influence, to stop any really think about the global Right to Die movement with an open mind from outside your religious views.

I wanted you to actually do some research, like typing “The right to die” into YouTube or even Google. The latter will bring up abundant stories about the people you would so callously condemn to unimaginable physical suffering, for an indefinite amount of time, only to have disease, illness or injuries strip them of any remaining dignity by the time they do expire “naturally.” The former will show you bone chilling videos of what such people, with their physical and mental suffering on display, actually looks like.

I assure you, these people don’t need your prayers or your opposition to ending their suffering on their terms, with their dignity in tact and their loved ones close by. And it certainly sounds better than how people usually die in western society; alone in hospital room with only unknown strangers around them.

See researching and looking at issues from multiple points of view, is what actual philosphers do. If you decide to take my advice as described above, and might still come out on the same side, but at least it would be an informed position.


Hello Dear Friend.
Who is he that has the right to put end to sombody life pretexting that he is suffering too much,Do you know how that life started, do you know where that life is going , are you able to create such life, then let the proprietor of the thing decide about his thing.