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Guys give some tips that I can use in learning a language

I have been working for years now to improve my language but still not get it what should I do???


What is it “that you don’t get”? Be specific.


Work hard, achieve your goal


keep going, keep learning don’t stop until we all succeed


1- memorizing 20 vocabulary can help.
2_ read loudly and record your voice.
3- try to speak everyday.

  1. download as many songs as you can find that have versions in your native language AND ALSO in your target language, and learn to sing along with them, matching the sounds of the new language as closely as possible. It’s impossible to sing a foreign language with a native accent and word emphasis. You also get the MEANING of the words instead of the dictionary definitions.
  2. Buy some used books (cheap) in the target language, then look up each word either online or in a printed dictionary, write out the meaning that makes sense to apply, then put the sentence together, writing it out. Learning starts in the fingers and works its way back to the brain (the opposite of what we are taught in school…) You will find a list of words that continue to repeat. These are your base-line words. Build on that list by reading and looking up new words.
  3. download spoken material form any of the free download sites in the target language, then just let them play in the background as you go about your usual day. Again, you will begin to differentiate words from noise, then begin to recognize specific words. No need to pay extra attention to what is playing in the background, your brain picks it up outside your consciousness.

By the time you have learned to sing your 24th song in the target language, you will have a working knowledge of the speech patterns to build on. By the time your word list reaches 1,000 words, you should be capable understanding a news broadcast in the target language.

Never set your objective aside permanently, always return to it, and eventually it will penetrate the “I can understand that” barrier.

Always consider a different dialect of your native language as a foreign language. It really is, because the source is a different culture from the one you grew up in. Try to find out what those cultural differences are, then you will understand the intended meaning, not just the dictionary definitions of the words. It’s the emotions behind the words that give them meaning, not the dictionary.

Learning any new material is a journey, not a destination. That journey never ends, it just keeps cycling fast and slow, hard and easy, new and same-old, same-old. Take a rest once in a while to refresh yourself, just like taking a long hike in the mountains. Remember the 80/20 rule: never put out more than your 80 percent capacity, or you will burn out. Cruising speed is usually around 20 percent for a very long journey. If you can’t use the new language during your journey, why are you learning it? Evaluate if it is worth the time and commitment or if those would be better targeted elsewhere. If so, welcome the change, just make it gradually, no sharp turns that cause accidents, just slow and sure, and continue on with your life.


Take English as a language. Never take it as a subject.And you know consistency in the key to success.Never spend much time for memorising vocabulary.It’s never be profitable.Just focus on reading. By reading without distraction maybe then you will see your progress. Best of luck.


Best option for you I’ll suggest is hire a teacher to build a base.

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Never stop learning and set your goal
Like the reasons why you’re learning this language


You must watch movies in target language and try to understand the conversation of participants. Never stop to learning .

Reading and solving will improve because practice of reading and writing always improve language

Take time to study the language , and always speak with people as many that understand the language , never shy away from speaking and have confidence in your Ability

You should trying to memories new vocabulary and then practice them

watching movies and listen songs is the best way to learn english

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You should practice your self and recall new vocabulary.

Thank you Queen I really appreciate that

Learn and remind the vocabullary everyday,practice conversation with others,and i hope my english soon very better

Read and practice what you read.

This is super comprehensive. Thanks a lot for taking out your time to put this up. Learning a language comes with getting familiar with the language - so songs(listening), books(reading), and spoken material and practice(speaking) are excellent ways to ease into a language. But as one progresses, mastery over the language comes with enhanced vocabulary, the know-how of using and understanding the language and interpreting the language. Assuming the language you’re mentioning is English, interpreting the classics and popular books might be tricky sometimes - this is where literature guides would be of great help. Literature guides do the transitioning process of diluting the complicated language and concepts into a much readable and understandable form. Also, another important input would be to do an essay write-up. Try to review your readings into a short write-up every day. This would help you to deconstruct the language into a simpler form. Also, if you are more into native language reading, write a review of it in English- the latter is Murakami’s technique. Murakami initially found it difficult to write his complex thoughts in Japanese, so he wrote in English (with his limited vocabulary) first and then translated them back to Japanese. All the best!

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Try to write anything and read such as books newspaper and listen audio books first of all set your goal and you plan to studing with schedule,for example ,I want learn English as second L’’ to study abroad at university.