Guys give some tips that I can use in learning a language

Hello everyone my name is tringo baze I’m a good reader of english so can you tell me guys the best translater Please

Video and audio lessons do it faster.

The English language is universal and it is very complicated but if we will focus on the pattern and analyze simple but not difficult examples of sentences we can understand how it works no need to use halting words to impress our readers or learners rather apply the simplest words that will immediately comprehend.

here sister is noun and beautiful is pronoun
dog is noun and dangerous is pronoun
Yard is noun and big is pronoun
here parents is noun and love is pronoun
dad is noun tomorrow is prnoun

Hi! I am a newbie here. My name is Gracelyn from Antipolo Rizal, Philippines. Same with you guys wants also to improve my English language.
I think we should be positive only and learn more through listening music, recording our voice, or watching movie English to develop our vocabulary.