HELP! How to Study for Exams-HIST362 and HIST363


I am having the hardest time studying for my exams(Note taking process). I am currently taking History362 (Modern Revolutions) and HIST363 (Global Perspectives on Industrialization). I have failed two exams per class and I am quite frustrated :disappointed: I take notes and try to zero “in” on the most vital information. However, when I take the test I find that most my notes are NOT on the test. I take all the quizzes and pass. It helps a minimal amount, but not much. How am I to know what will be on the test with so much information?

Does anyone have any note taking tips on how to pass finals? I need to pass these by December and it will be here before you know it :scream:



Hi Tandi!
I was anxious to reply to your question, because I am also having difficulty with HIST363 (Global Perspectives on Industrialization). Despite the number of hours spent reading, taking notes, re-writing notes, studying, and doing well on the quizzes/essays; I have also failed two exams! This is extremely frustrating! I have not experienced this situation in online courses taken directly through my university. After going back through all of my notes, I feel like I have a good understanding of key ideas and terms, however, I have struggled with interpreting exam questions and their relation to possible answers. I have also experienced problems with broken links for all of the PBS videos. I am attempting to create a new outline as I read through all of the material again in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the material. I would also love to hear from others who managed to study and comprehend such a large amount of information!
Thank you!


Hey there @Smsparis

I am not alone in this, (big sigh of relief). I’ve been out of college for a while and just returned. I thought maybe I was a little rusty. Man, this class is kicking my butt. I think I might email Saylor about it and try to gain some tips. At this rate, I am like the hamster on the wheel like you taking notes, quizzes and essays but failing the final exam, AHHH! Yes, many of the links are broken I noticed. I went as far as going to the HIstory Channel watching shows on this subject and It still did not help me pass the test. What are we to do?

Thanks so much for responding. Maybe we can share notes and help one another to pass this course . :tired_face:


Hi @Tandi and @Smsparis

The PBS links in HIST363 are now fixed – replaced with YouTube versions that a university, thankfully, posted online (and hopefully they’ll stay available!)

I’m linking Jeff’s reply as well to Tandi’s other post since it’s relevant here:


Hi @seanconnor

Thank you Sean. I plan to start completely over and structure my notes aligned with the learning outcomes. I really appreciate your help and support. You guys are great! You respond so fast!




Hi @Smsparis

In the forums, go to Study Tools/ Tips. I posted the same question I have here. Jeff, from Saylor provided a lengthy response and its quite helpful. I plan to start over and structure my notes aligned with his advice. I hope this helps you as well!! We can do it!!




Hi Sean,
Thank you for the advice! I am in the process of going back through each unit and answering the Learning Outcome questions.

Susan Paris


Hi Tandi,

Thanks for your help! I will go to the Study Tools/Tips section now. You are right! We can do this!! Good Luck!

Thank you!



I’m also working through HIST362 (although in rather slow time as more pressing projects are taking a lot of time) but haven’t yet got to the exam. In this course I have made quite comprehensive notes on each resource, I find videos can otherwise quickly slip from memory, and then summarising for each section. In addition, as always, I am producing a mind map of the whole course and linking resources, notes and summaries as I go.

This is rather more disciplined than I have been in the past but I hope it will pay off in the long term as I have realised that some courses I took in the past are fading fast from my memory!


How’s your studying going Susan? My routine sucks… I need a structured study schedule. What is yours?




Hi Paul,

I agree about the videos slipping through memory. I write notes and still can’t find how it applies to my Exams. I like your idea about building a road map, AWESOME! My study structure sucks as of now. I am working to become more diligent about it. Trying not to give up here :frowning:




hi how are you studying for your exam 9012150927 I have some questions if you don’t mind


I sometimes find that just summarizing a video or audio lecture every few minutes helps – and active watching/listening. It’s easy to fall into the trap of tracking details and missing the point, much like reading all the words on a page but failing to take away the main idea.

You might also like something like – though I suppose “your mileage may vary”.

I have tried a lot of things – setting alarms, putting up notes for myself, setting reminders on my calendar, etc. The three things I have found that really work for me are (1) having a jam-packed schedule so that if something is a priority I have to do it at such-and-such a time; (2) just forcing myself to repeat a schedule every day (but re-lapsing is so easy); (3) Having just one must-do habit each day: completing a checklist at the end of the day of what I did and didn’t do – basically, forcing myself to recognize that I didn’t do certain things to gently guilt myself into doing better tomorrow.

A bonus (4) would be deciding a couple hours ahead of time that I have to do something: at 3pm, for instance, telling myself “you have to study for at least 30 minutes at 7pm”.


I wish the tips and advice you’ve provided helped, but it doesn’t. I’ve completed online courses with my home University and came out successful than Saylor. I am very disappointed with Saylor and plan to speak to my Advisor about taking courses elsewhere to complete my degree. Two classes away and Saylor had been the worse courses I’ve taken.


Tandi, I’m sorry to hear that – I will follow up with a direct message


Are they’re any study groups located in Memphis Tennessee? I totally agree with Tandi. I