HELP! I need a free major in Psychology!

Hi there, I was extremely excited when I saw that saylor used to have a free major in psychology. I’ve taken quite the interest in psychology lately and I was hoping to find at least one free online major in psychology still available.

  1. Is there any way to still achieve it on saylor org?
  2. Is there any other free online major in psychology available somewhere else? :thinking:

If you have a parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling, child (etc.) who is a union member in an AFL CIO union, you can get free college (Associates and Bachelors degrees) through the Union Plus benefit program:
freecollege dot unionplus dot org

Here is a list of the AFL CIO affiliated unions:
aflcio dot org (forward slash) about-us (forward slash) our-unions-and-allies (forward slash) our-affiliated-unions

Sorry that’s hard to read, we’re not allowed to post links, so I had to get a little creative there.
Hope that helps!

Thanks, I really appreciate your reply!
I’m from the Netherlands, but I’m sure that someone living in United States will be able to greatly benefit from this!