Help me plz

hi guys i’m new in here and i’m lost any helps or something i’m intersted to camputer science i don’t know how to start so help me plz


it is really cool you are interested in computer science :smiley: I was too… until I noticed how challenging it was going to be. A simple “Advanced Artificial Intelligence” web search lead me to the Saylor Academy. I have been out of school for so long I thought it would be best for me to gradually increase my confidence and ability through some of the more practical courses that are offered here. These courses offer me real life transferable work place skills that can be applied immediately. They will also be very helpful for me when I eventually have the courage to take Computer Science 101. Maybe Computer Science 102 after? The moon :full_moon: and beyond after that?

Here are links to the first three Saylor courses I took

Best of luck with all you do,



Where do I go to ask questions such as you are doing.I’m wanting to know about the Command prompt why it won’t take c:\Temp I have c:\users\user Name> Looking at 3.1.4 chapter 7 Running Example Programs. Thanks

I think you will find CS101 pretty friendly! Once you get into the course, we use Java resources from a professor called Bradley Kjell that are quite well structured and level you up incrementally without skipping important concepts or supposing that you are a natural born programmer. Dig into the Chapter 1 link from this page to see what I mean:

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Most likely, your TEMP directory isn’t at C:\TEMP – that used to be where Windows stored temporary files, but the location has since changed in more recent versions of Windows.

[Edit for clarity 09 April - you can store your files wherever is convenient, so the TEMP folder can be treated as just an example. Storing the files on a folder on the desktop is illustrated below:]

If your are starting out at C:\Users\Username you could, for example use the cd command to get to your desktop (or documents, etc.). So, for example, if you save your programs in a folder called “myprograms” that is kept on your desktop, from the command prompt C:\Users\Username> you would type cd desktop\myprograms to change tell the command prompt to switch to that location.

Hey, thanks for the encouragement Sean!

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Hi, I am new to this course also but what has helped me is I have to sometimes spend some extra time on some of the topics that I have struggled with.
I also take notes as I study the material which helps me to re study some of the more challenging subjects. For the subjects that have been really challenging for me I watched a you tube video and googled the some vocabulary words.
Good luck and once you start to learn some of the basics it will get easier for you also.