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Help with a trinomial question


This problem says that -10x6=-60 and -10+6=-4 so -10 and 6 are the numbers I place in the polynomial. My question is how do I know what order to place those numbers in the equation. (Since -10x6 and 6x(-10) are the same and -10+6 and 6-10 are the same) They placed them in the equation as 4x^2 -10x+6x-15 would it be wrong to put the numbers in as 4x^2+6x-10x-15?


I would say – and I think it is the commutative property that backs me up here – that 4x^2 + 6x - 10x - 15 is also a correct way to show the unsimplified expression. In fact since the order of F.O.I.L. is meaningful, I would say that (F)4x^2 + (O)6x - (I)10x - (L)15 is the more transparent expression.

I hope that helps!


Actually, I don’t think that’s the same. 6-10 and 10 -6 is not the same. Don’t you agree?

that seems simple and you don’t have to get research paper to resolve it