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HIST101 10.3 “The Swahili Coast” - No longer available

Link: BBC World Service: “The Story of Africa: The Swahili” (HTML)

The link to the text article above is still good but the radio series, “The Swahili Coast” mentioned in the instructions appears to have been removed from the BBC website. Although it was old (being originally broadcast in 2002 I think) the links were still live about a year ago. It was a Real Audio streamed file and I suspect the BBC have now discontinued that format.

I have emailed the BBC and will update here should there be any good news.

I am skeptical of the provenance/legality, but someone liberated the audio tracks not long ago; a YouTube search returns a good hit for:
story of africa hugh quarshie

The BBC are usually quite protective of their property, despite being a publicly funded broadcaster, so you probably have good grounds for caution about the legitimacy of the source. On the other hand, I strongly suspect that the removal of the original material was inadvertent. I know the BBC (along with many others) have abandoned Real Audio streaming (having been early adopters). I’m not sure they have thought through the impact as many of the old links remain in place.

The BBC has a wealth of high quality material, much of which will never again see the light of day in any broadcast medium. It is about time they made a commitment to making it accessible before they manage to lose or discard it–one doesn’t have to be a Doctor Who devotee to wonder at the judgement that the physical medium of master tapes was more valuable for reuse than the content!

I understand that reference :slight_smile: