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HIST101 4.3 Professor Peter Bol’s “State and Society..” Link Change

Link: Harvard University: Professor Peter Bol’s “State and Society in Western and Eastern Han” (Adobe Flash)

The instructions then tell us to select Lecture 8. Unfortunately, there seems no longer to be any such link on the page. The earlier page is available through the Wayback Machine but a bit of detective work finds a more elegant solution: a link straight to the lecture page:

This offers a number of options to suit bandwidth including a useful audio only option.

I guess that the original page changed as Harvard have moved to presented this course in a new form through edX (and with different, more recent, lectures).

Thanks. This is switched out. I will keep my fingers crossed for the link’s longevity.

If (or when) this does fail, the page is archived so we can always fall back on that.