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HIST362, & 2.2.1 Merriman Lectures - Link changes

Lecture: Yale University: Professor John Merriman’s "Absolutism and the State” Lecture (YouTube)

Lecture: Yale University: Professor John Merriman’s "Lecture 3: Dutch and British Exceptionalism” (YouTube)

Lecture: Yale University: Professor John Merriman’s "The Enlightenment and the Public Sphere” Lecture (YouTube)

All the above currently use AcademicEarth links to the lectures but that site has been restructured and there doesn’t now seem to be any way to link directly to lectures (or even courses).

You could use direct links to the YouTube videos:


Or link to the original lectures on the OpenYale website.

The links are in brackets to prevent them embedding as YouTube videos. Is there a more elegant way of doing that?

I’ll fix these, but I suppose I should refer Academic Earth to the ed team so they can make checks/fixes.

A good question. It looks as though inserts a space or two does the trick (the spaces disappear in the final product). One can also use backticks, which are also inserted when clicking the </> button above.

The first leave the hyperlink intact while the second turns it to monospace text.

There are a number of Academic Earth links which I haven’t flagged up yet so it is probably worth getting a proper trawl through to identify them all.

By the way, putting aside the inconvenience that the change in site structure cause to the links here, Academic Earth do a really nice job of sorting and presenting these open courses. Although all the information is available with the right searches, the site makes it all a lot easier to find.