Homework noums and pronoums

Hello everyone,i’m New here
My homework of noums and pronoums is:

My sister is beautiful/ she is beautiful
This dog is dangerous/it’s dangerous
My Yard is Big/it’s Big
I love my parents/ i love them
My dad an me will Travel tomorow/ WE will Travel tomorow


Hello Sir,
My name is Prabhu Mishra.
I am besically from Allahabad but currently staying in Bhopal MP India.
I have two smart kids. One is seven years old while another is Four years old.

Hello Sir,
My name is Firas Hameed
I am basically from Zakho but currently staying in Kurdistan region in Iraq.
I’m single .I’m teacher in University. IN Physics department

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Good day Sir,
My name is Judy Ann Vergara
I am basically from Philippines “Mindanao”
While now I’m working as Health worker in our place here in Mindanao .

Hi! My name is Gracelyn, from Antipolo Rizal.
My homework for pronouns and nouns are:

I’m helping my 7 year old son to do his school activities.

John Karl is my favorite son.

I am currently cooking food for our dinner.

I enjoy reading during my free time.

Hi! My name is Grace, from Rizal Antipolo, Philippines. My homework for pronouns and nouns are:
Another morning again. I wake up early every morning to do an exercise.

My son Carl Owen, preparing for our breakfast for this morning.

Reading books are my hobby.

Hey guys…
My name is Nick murangiri from Kenya
I come here to improve my English

Hi everyone. My homework about noun and pronoun are:

  1. Jose got a highest score in midterm examination.
    1.a. He got a highest score in midterm examination.
  2. Ana is beautiful.
    2.a. She is beautiful.

noun is the name of man, animal, thing, and place. While pronoun is a substitute call for the noun.
Wella is my name. I am a Filipino

2022-05-06T22:00:00Z اسلام ريان من القاهره متزوج ولدى اطفال اعمل بمجال الاسقف المعلقه

I, my name is Michele
My homework of noun and pronoums is…
My dog is withe/ it’s withe
My fater is a big man/ he is a big man

Hi. My task is:
My book is interesting/ it is interesting