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How do I change my profile pic?

Can anyone tell me how to change my profile picture? I can’t figure it out, Thanks.


Hi @gammathereaper :slight_smile:

According to the following discussion topic posted by John Azinheira (@jazinheira - Director Of Technology at Saylor Academy) on May 2017:

Single Sign On (or: what happened to my avatar?)

… you may change your display picture / profile picture by doing the following:

" (…) What happened to my avatar picture?
Since we are now using the single account, your full name, bio, and avatar picture are being pulled from . To update this information (or return it to how it used to be) please update your profile [ ] at . (…) "

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ve found it :grin:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’m glad that you’ve found the place to change the profile picture (presumably based on the instructions that I quoted from John Azinheira’s " Single Sign On (or: what happened to my avatar?)" post). Thanks for reporting back.

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Yes, just wondering now; my avatar is displayed on but not on the discussion forums?

Hi @gammathereaper :slight_smile:

( Usual Disclaimer: I do NOT work at/for Saylor Academy. I’m just another student here ).

As far as I know, if you have set your avatar (profile picture / display picture) in using the same e-mail address that you use here in Saylor’s Discourse Discussion Forums - - then your profile picture should indeed appear here in the Discussion Forums.

Having said that, I seem to remember that, when I first uploaded my profile picture to (a few years ago), I had to log out from both and and then log back in, so that my profile picture appeared in the Discussion Forums.

If logging out and logging back in doesn’t solve the issue for you, then you may want to test signing in using a new web browser (one that you haven’t used yet to sign on / log in to Saylor) to see if that helps. If that does help, then you may have to delete the Cookies related to the domain (and maybe also the Cache) in the web browser where you are experiencing the issue. You may find related information in the “Deleting cookies” section of the “General Troubleshooting Guide” web page of the “Saylor Academy Help Center & FAQ”:

I’ll give that a try, Thanks for the help!
it worked! :grin:

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Hi @gammathereaper

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting back that your avatar (display picture / profile picture) is now appearing here in the Discussion Forums. So, was my first suggestion (of logging out from both and and then logging back in) enough, or did you have to do something else for it to work?

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The first suggestion worked straight away! :smile:

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