How do you feel about using cloud computing?


If I were running a small business with limited funds for IT, I would consider using cloud computing for various reasons: .It has proven cost effective, which in the small business is very important to the short and long term goals. Services can be adjusted as the needs of the company change, again another cost-saving measure. Remote accesss allowing for workforce that can be active and flexible. Implementation are easier due to, it all being in one centralized location and not having to put the software on each computer.

Updates are set-up to be done regularly and it does not require doing it to each individual computer. One of my biggest reasons for cloud computing, especially in a small co. is the preservation of data in the event of a power outage or some other disaster to the physical business. This all adds up to savings for the small business bottom line, with decreased software to purchase, possiblity of not needing as much hardware, and the security of knowing that in the event of a disaster, the business information has been safely stored.