How does this transfer over for masters?


Because of how my community college transcripts transferred over to SNHU I will have to graduate with 122 to credits instead of the 120. To avoid paying for two extra credits I can take the 1 credit intro to sociology through this and graduate with my normal 120 credits and save money. However, I’m looking to start my masters next year and masters programs require you to send all transcripts from where you earned your credits. Would I have to send my transcripts from Saylor to the graduate program for the 1 credit I earned or would it show that I earned my credit from SNHU when I transfer that one credit over to graduate? Also, it says that not all schools accepts Saylor so there is a chance the graduate schools I’m applying for wouldn’t accept this 1 credit?


I wouldn’t anticipate a problem with your degree itself being essentially rejected – if SNHU says you have your degree, that’s going to be good enough for a grad program (unless the program has specific prerequisite courses they need to see on your transcripts).

Whether you need to request a separate Saylor Academy transcript could depend on the grad program and on how your Saylor course appears on your SNHU transcript, but what we offer is closer to an AP or CLEP exam than to your community college courses. My hunch is that a grad program wouldn’t be interested in our transcripts, since you earn a recommendation of credit through Saylor Academy, but earn the actual credit through (e.g.) SNHU. In any case, if you need a Saylor Academy transcript, we’ll be able to provide it.

I’d recommend talking with SNHU, though (likely the Registrar’s Office) about your concerns for how graduate schools will view your records – they might be able to provide some quick relief.


If it doesn’t transfer consider one of the “Big Three” non traditional education colleges such as Excelsior, Thomas Edison or Charter Oaks. Western Governor’s University is also getting a good reputation as being on par with the “Big Three”.

Many colleges limit transfer credits to 30 credit hours, not the Big three. SNHU is starting to get a good reputation also for the quality of their online classes, not sure about their acceptance of non-traditional education credits.