How does wave amplitude affect the electromagnetic spectrum?


The electromagnetic spectrum arranges waves from those with a long wavelength and low frequency to those with a short wavelength and high frequency. But this doesn’t seem possible if waves can have different amplitudes. At different amplitudes their could be waves with short wavelengths and low frequencies or long wavelengths with high frequencies. Where would such waves fit on the spectrum?

please keep it simple.


I think you are a little confused. To start from the beginning, frequency and wavelength are related thus:

speed = frequency x wavelength

for electromagnetic radiation, speed is ‘c’, the speed of light.

You will note that amplitude does not appear in this formula. Amplitude is merely the ‘size’ or strength of the signal. So we can have two signals with different amplitudes, but the same frequency (and hence wavelength).


Thank you. I was a little confused but I think I understand it now.


**very sorry **
but actually this two concept of amplitude and wavelength made many people to be confused not you only