How has your environment motivated you to get your education, Saylor or otherwise?


Continuing the discussion from ARTH101: Activities & Discussion, I was skimming through the Art History thread when I came across this post:

I don’t live in Paris (and I’m jealous!), but living in a major US metropolitan area where there is a lot of culture and art has inspired me to know more about it in different contexts.

I have been interested in computers and programming since my family owned a Commodore 64 when I was in kindergarten. I programmed little games on my own, and I even took a programming course in elementary school, but I did not catch on to concepts as quickly as the other students, in part because I was not allowed to take notes (they were seen as a crutch at the time, for whatever silly reason). I also got the impression from my male peers that math, science, and computers were for boys. This was disappointing to me as when I was in elementary school, I wanted to be like Sally Ride and go into space. She was a physicist, but for some reason I take comfort in the fact that her major, like mine, was in English. I like physics but I find programming more fun and accessible. Plus, these days, you need to be able to program to go into a lot of different fields.

I was wondering how something in other people’s environment, such as school, current events, peers, etc. inspired them to pursue educational interests at Saylor or other places.


How I could write pages on this!! I grew up in a cult, education was frowned on, because “Armageddon” was “right around the corner”. My generation wasn’t suppose to have kids, much less have grandkids and retire.
I’m starting out with a history course, because we were only allowed to read history in the bible, and that was “their version”. They didn’t want their members to learn how to think on their own, or they would have realized how much of a joke it is.

So, I am feeling overwhelmed, but I’ll get the hang of it. So bare with my dumb posts or questions! But, I thought I’d start here with learning!


I’m so sorry about your cult experience. I’m glad you were able to get out and get the education you missed. Your education will expand your thinking in addition to teaching you facts and figures. I wish you luck on your endeavors.


Its been really hard for me getting a job after my graduation. Now its 2 years now and I just tought i upgraded my knowledge whiles I hoped to getting a job. I an taking various courses in both Engineering and management.


Learning computer science degree program at saylor has been a dream come true. I was not happy with the local state university to do the computer science program but here I do