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How to print the transcript

Hi, just wanted to give a tip on how to print the transcript, so that a whole lot of it fit on one page. I use windows 10 and Edge, and then print to pdf, I set the size to A3, so that I get all my 26 courses on one page, it’s a small font, but it still fits. I used to use the option “Shrink to fit”, but that doesn’t work anymore somehow, so I used 75% shrink. After that I have the pdf, and print it with Acrobat Reader, shrink to fit on an A4, and voila! I hope that when I’m finished with all my 39 courses (still a long time away), they will still all fit on one page, and the font will be not too small. This for wall-hanging purposes haha, by lack of the infamous meta-cert. You can also experiment with the margin settings, to get it just right. So that is it. Hope it helps.


Thanks for the tutorial! I think that this will be useful to many. There are not many easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions for such things.