HTML & CSS for Beginners will close September 30th

We are retiring PRDV251: HTML and CSS for Beginners on September 30th, 2019.

After several years, the course is out of step with the latest HTML and CSS standards. In deciding how to proceed, we considered the resources we can invest in the course as well as what alternatives exist (more on that below).

To earn your certificate of completion for PRDV251, you should complete the final exam before the end of September.

We recommend that you take the exam sooner rather than later to see where to focus your study. Remember that you can take the exam as often as once every seven days.


If you plan to continue your HTML/CSS studies after PRDV251, there are several excellent, free options.

PRDV251’s list of resources (
Lots to love here.

Mozilla’s MDN Web Docs tutorials (

The MDN tutorials are community-sourced and available in dozens of languages. Mozilla is the nonprofit organization behind the Firefox browser.

freeCodeCamp (

freeCodeCamp offers hundreds of hours of hands-on tutorials as well as free certifications. freeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization.

will this course be placed in the legacy? will i still be able to get the material after the course has been removed?

It should be, yes. It will also stay available through the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine”, which keep copies of websites over time.

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