I wake up on the morning like every day as i feel the sun,i take a hot shower for a better format,then i eat my breakfast and when i finish i prepare my self to go out for my work.
at my work usually i work quickly to satisfy the buyers wishes…so i work hard, but i like my job, am happy when i do it. like every day i come from work tired,so i take a shower and a rest after i eat a lunch. hmmm, its the night and the dark comes, i like the moon and the stars when appears in the sky, that’s the moments when i clear my mind .

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I wake up every morning at the 7 o’clock i wach my face and brush my teeth and i make my breakfast and i change my clothes i sit on the table and i have my breakfast between 10 minutes and i wearing my chose and i go out to reach in the station bus and i arrived in my university in the 9 o’clock