I decided to take Intro to Computer Science as my course. 😁

I am currently studying here in our local college, a bachelor’s degree in secondary education. We are blessed to have this kind of learning opportunity. The school is available for everyone in the town. It is a school for free. The only thing left for you to avail is your choice and action. We are doing school works on and offline. I actually came across this wonderful program of Saylor Academy last year, 2021. I was curious and finally had the chance to explore what it offers. I am now taking Introduction to Computer Science, and I feel glad to be part of this community where everyone has the equal chance to gain skills and knowledge about almost everything. Let’s continue to enhance/develop our potential, we are making our way towards success no matter how fast or slow it will take! :heart:


Hey @jennylynss, :smiley: I really loved what you wrote about the course. It was very useful to share your experience.

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Thank you, I also appreciate what you said. We all share different stories/experiences and it’s really amazing how we people can relate with each other.