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I need help

please i need help to access my books to study. don’t know how to go about it
many thanks

your books will be provided to you on the current courses you are taking i.e there is a booklet on the processor and the history of the computers. i have all the books (booklets) in pdf format which i use for “homework reading”, the courses have the links or a picture of a green book or a page with a globe on it those are your course materials. I will take a screenshot of my current course, i will indicate the learning material! hope this helps (the blue arrows shows where the material are some may contain links to websites some may even be in a PDF format

For that I have a suggestion if you have a laptop then you must use sticky notes which helps you to store data in your system and I also used it when I study. Or faced any kind of issues with your laptop or pc there are lots of laptop repair services available to recover the problem, So don’t worry just use and study carefully.

I dont know you still need any help or not, but I recommend you if in the future you need any book then once check on Sucuri coupons at Reecoupons I always prefer to use service from there whenever I need any help in exams, I hope It will also helpful for you in future.