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If you were running a small business with limited funds for information technology, would you consider using cloud computing?

If I was running a small business with limited funds for technology, I would certainly consider using cloud computing. According to business news daily, cloud computing saves businesses time and money by boosting productivity, improving collaboration, and promoting innovation. Cloud computing will reduce costs for my business due to all data being stored over the internet and not all on one server. Also, the risk of losing information stored is less likely due to information being stored on the internet and not a single server. The ability to access the data from any location will allow users to work on tasks whenever they have the opportunity. These reasons alone are why I would consider cloud computing for my business.

Yes, I will use the cloud computing to reduce the cost of running business ,because all the datas are stored on the internet which will protect my business from losing information stored. Its benefit accessibility regardless my location. The world is changing its way of doing business so its imperative i adopt the modern way of running business smoothly.
Thank you.

Yes. I would use cloud computing. This would help save money and cut cost. The Cloud computing would also be ideal with saving information electronically. Cloud computing is accessible anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device.

yes i would it would reduce cost and make things faster

Yes, i would.

The initial question raises more questions than answers. How small is the business? What is the focus of the business? Is making the business resources available from everywhere to everybody inside the company worth the security risk? And so on.
I would suggest that making a decision on cloud computing, even has to consider the geographical location of the business, electricity supply stability, ICT professional resources available locally, access to hardware …
The question drives the decision making into a financial framework, exclusively. I would be looking into meeting the business requirements with as low resources as possible, avoiding unnecessary financial allocation for ICT services if possible.
Cloud computing comes with several risks being the most notorious, accessibility. If the Internet is down, any cloud computing services are inaccessible. Imagine a Nigerian CEO posting this question to its ICT team. The answer is obvious. NO. ISP in some countries do not provide a stable access to the Internet.
Among many other issues that have to be considered.

It all depends on the business itself

Yes, I will use cloud computing to increase flexibility for the business and easy collaboration. It also provides scalability to grow with your business and reduce business cost. Cloud computing is used by in many businesses especially small businesses.