Importance of Critical Thinking

  1. Is critical thinking important? Why, or why not? Critical thinking is important, I think, for two reasons. Firstly, it is important because of what it is. CT is a disciplined metacognitive skill which helps in the proper analysis, assessment and improvement in thinking rationally and clearly. It calls for unique applicability in diverse disciplines of study and personal life. Secondly, CT is important because of what it results from its effective practice. CT leads to carefully, rationally and clearly justified true beliefs, decisions and actions. This is a positive consequence of WHAT CT IS.

  2. How will I benefit from the understanding and use of CT in life now and in the future? Firstly, I will benefit now from what it is, and later, from what results in its effective practice. By this I mean, I will be able to; logically connect ideas, construct sound arguments, be aware of fallacious reasoning, and how to avoid making premature judgments. This then, will lead me to becoming Rational and clear in thought and expression. I will be able to make true justified beliefs, decisions and actions. My life then, will be well lived, and my contribution in my professional, personal and Civic issues will be positively enhanced.

  3. How do emotions affect ones ability to think critically? I think that emotions contribute to the formation of many biases that we as humans cherish in our reasoning. This may affect CT positively or negatively. For example, a man who has been offended by being told that, “he is a dog”, may want to retaliate defensively, either by physically or verbally injuring the other person. Because of his anger, he will be unable to think critically and avoid the worst decision and action (which in this case, could be, finding out why he is being told that and finally arriving at an amicable and reconciliatory solution rather than an adversarial and confrontational one). But the case is different when one is impacted

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Yes, there is a difference
But if the arts correspond to the ethics established by the owner, his relationship will be good


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