In person Proctor

Does anyone have experience with setting up an in person proctor or have any idea how long the process takes? Since my intended proctor is a county employee there is no incentive to getting the process completed.

Worse my intended proctor is the branch librarian and insists that no correspondence has come even though ID credentials were not sent by her.

Should I find another Proctor or is the only choice proctoru because any other choice is a waste of time?

I received notification that my proctor was approved November 8th.

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How long was the process for you? My proctor still hasn’t heard back.

I believe that it took about 3 weeks before I heard my proctor was approved. Hopefully I can take an in person Proctor test eventually.

No hope In taking the direct credit exam it is no longer available. Some might say that you might get what you pay for but what about my hope and the value of my time.