Interduce my self

Hi everyone
I am Badro
I’m 26 years old
I’m from Algeria and my nationality is Algerian


welcome Rofa, I’m Nadine and I would like to help you correct your grammar mistakes :slight_smile: no i hope you don’t mind?

your message: HI every one i’m Rofa from Algeria i’ve twenty five years old i speak Arabic and English

here are my corrections for you: Hi everyone, I’m Rofa from Algeria, I’m twenty-five years old, i speak Arabic and English.

so every word that has an italic font “slanted words” on it are my corrections from your introduction.

I hope this is ok?
and i am glad you are here, is it will help you improve on your English skills and writing grammar skill as well.

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Thank you Nadine for correcting

you are welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi i’m Rofa, i’m from Algeria , i speak Arabic and few of English and i’m twenty-five years old .

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sorry i’m soni sopyan from indonesia biasa everyday I use Sundanese and Indonesian, with Sodara and with friends

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