Introducing myself at ESL001


Hello everyone,
My name is Omar, I am Brazilian, I speak Portuguese and Spanish languages, and also a few English, this is my first topic.




Welcome Omar!!


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Hello everyone,
My full name is Boucheddad Dhia eddine , I’m 16 years old I’m from Algeria and also I’m Algerian I’m student in high school I live in teny village called chettia in state of chlef in Algeria ,I speak 3 languages little bit of French and English and also Arabic


Welcome- we hope you enjoy the course!


My name is Obaidullha. I am from Afghanistan. I can speak Pashto, Persian, Urdu and English.


Welcome, we are happy that you have joined the course and hope you find it helpful!


My name is Michelle. I am a Filipino. I can speak English and Tagalog.


Welcome Michelle @jomich031108 - we are happy for you to join the course and hope you find it (and others in our catalog) useful!


Hello, my name is BRIK BENDAHANE , 23 years old. from Morocco . I live English language and I want to go further on speaking it .


Welcome Brik! We hope you enjoy the course. We are also launching 4 more English speaking courses later this year so stay tuned!


Hiii I am Ikram
I’m from morocco
I speak three language Berbere Arabic Frensh and little english


Welcome Ikram - we hope you enjoy the course!!!


Hi I am Ikram
I am from Morocco
I speak three languages Berbere Arabic frensh and little english


Heyyy everybody
I’m Ikram From Morocco I’m 17 years old
I have three languages Berbere Arabic Frensh and little english


Hello my name is Zakaria I am 22 years old from Morocco, united in Arabic and I love English language and I want to be fluent in it because it is the language of the present and the coming ages.


hi my name is fatima zahrae I’m from morocco
the languages i speak are arabic , frensh and a little bit english


My name is Salma, I’m from Algeria,I speak Arabic and French.


Welcome Zakaria @zakaria_rotbi + Fatima @hefatima1 + Salma @luckystar - we hope you enjoy the course!!