Introducing myself at ESL001


Hello ,
My name is Hakim,I’m 53 years old I am from Algeria, I speak Arabic and French languages, and also a few English, i have joined the course and hope you find it helpful!


Welcome and nice to meet you


My name is Mohammed AL sharif . I come from saudi arabia .l’m 37 years old


Hi friends
I am Hanane, I’m moroccan and I have twenty-seven years old, I speak Arabic, Frensh and a little english, this is My first topic,


Hi everybody i m zakaria from morroco exactly marrakech
i m 20 and im studying it development
for now i can speak arabic french and a little of english


my name is mohamed Im from Algeria ,I salute you hello everyone


my name is taleb nour khadidja im from algeria i speak arabic as my mother tongue but i can tell that im doing very well in english


my name is nour khadidja im from algeria i speak english as a second language and i can tell im doing very well but my mother tongue is arabic


Good morning everyone.
I’m from Morocco l’ve 46years, i’ve been inscripted in this courses in order to ameliore my english luanguage.
I’m very happy to be one of your team.


Hi , my name is Asmaa Adrar, I’m Algerian.I speak many languages : Kabyle , French , Arabic, and also English!


My name is Soumia, my nationality is Algerian
i can speak Arabic


hi everyone . my name is Taleb Bahia . i am Algerian
i speak Arabic . English and little bit french
nice to met you all


My name is nadji laggoune. I am from Algeria. I can speak Arabic, French, English, and some little Japanese


My name is Noura I’m from Saudi Arabia I’m student at university i study English i speak Arabic and a little bit of English


Hi. I am afzal from Pakistan. I am recently graduated. I speak three languages, English, Urdu and Pashto


Hi my name is abdelkrim , i am 22 years old,i am from morocco and i am student at university ;english department


hello!! please how can I write a topic about my self ? I mean I I do not know how to share it!!