Introducing myself at ESL001


Hi , I am Raghda .I am Egyptian . I speak Arabic,English ,little Turkish ,Spanish and French.


Hello i am kenza from Algeria. I am 19 years old. I speak french and arabic, and i am here to learnenglish


Hello, my name is Ghizlane, i’m from Morocco. i speak Arabic,English & Frensh


Hey , my name is Hayat , I’m 16 years old , I live in Morocco , I speak Arabic , French , English , and a little bit of Espagnol .


I’m sherry and 51 years old. Live Wyoming with common law husband. I’m a mother of seven kids.


Hi, my name is Taysir, i’m 22 years old and i’m Algerian. I speak Arabic, French and English.


Hi! My name is Caroline. I’m from South Africa. I speak Setswana, English and a little bit of Afrikaans.


Hello Guys
My name is Saâd, I am Moroccan citizen, I have 26 years old, my main language is Arabic but I can speak also french, english (a little bit ^^’ ) , i live in a city called Agadir and I work in little agency of money transfert


Hey there,

I am Osilonde Nestor, a student, residing in Tanzania.
I am from Congo( Kinshasa). I speak French, Swahili and some English. This is my first topic.


My name is Azzeddine, I’m Algerian, I speak Arabic, English and a little of French. I’m new to Saylor.


My name is Boukaf Yacine
I from Algeria, I do speak arabic, english, spanish, french


My name is Abdulrahman , I am from nowhere , I can speak Arabic , Turkish , and a little English .


hi everyone
my name is yahya from morocco and I am 16 years old
I can speak arabicbecause is my native language and also frensh and little english that`s why I wanna learn it and improve it


my name is khaoula , i’m twenty-five years old . I’m from algeria , i speak arabic french and a few english


Hi My name is hamza, I’m Moroccan, I speak berber arabic french and english this is my first topic


Hi my name is Soulimane,from Morocco.I can speak Arabic , French and little Deutch


Hello :slight_smile:
My name is Claudia. My nationality is Cuban. I speak Spanish and a little of English.


Hi :slight_smile: my name Ayoub I’am from Algeria and I speak Arabic and a little French


hello every one
My name is Si Ahmed , I am Algerian, I speak Arabic, French and a few English.


Hello everyone.
My Name is Hassine.
I am from Tunisia.
I speak Arabic, french and a little bit English.